Leadership Biography

Back in 1941 a woman named Zenab M. Nour who has lived in Gadarif  City at the Eastern part of Sudan, recognized the problems associated with gender inequality.
As an educator she chose  to address this issues by promoting and facilitating girls education process, create chances for girls education , Zenab opened many basic schools for girls in Eastern  Sudan and continue her efforts for 47 years to pave the way for girls education as a basic pillar to empower women to gain their rights, she retired in 1989.
Because of her continuous  efforts and achievements in upgrading girls education ,Mrs. Zenab had been selected and listed among"1000 Peace Women across the Globe", in 2005 she was nominated for the Nobel Prize. To honor her name and keep the legacy, this Organization was named after her. Mrs. Zenab has passed away but her legacy still lives on, her eldest daughter Fatima has taken the lead and continues her mother efforts.

Fatima has received a master degree in Agricultural science but suspended her PHD program  when she decided to volunteer to work full time for ZWD without compensation, no stranger to a woman's advocacy ,Fatima began accepting these challenges during her high school  & university years. As a president for Zenab Fatima petitioned for and received ECOSOC status with the UN, since that time she has participated in many UN meetings & conferences in New York & around the world, Fatima in a restless efforts is seeking to make heard the voice of the vulnerable and disadvantageous social groups specially women in remote  rural areas of Sudan at all internal & international forums she attended, she managed a good networking and participatory approach with concern parties and stakeholders, she has been awarded the title of "Ambassador of peace" .
Within Sudan there are barriers that impede the progress of establishing  women rights and secure gender equality ,Zenab Organization continues to work to break down those barriers.

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Leadership Biography
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