Work Plan 2011

Name of Organisation

Zenab for Women’s Development (ZWD)




Jan.1,___ Dec.31,2011



target group (s) for this activity (s)?

direct results of activity (s)

Impact in the long-run


Conduct women training workshop ,program on basic human rights,


Women farmers ,girls

Women farmers become aware of their basic human rights, right of education, to participate in electoral process, right to stand against social traditions & taboos imposed.

Women farmers will emerge as an influencing body well aware of their basic human rights start to achieve progress on gender equality.

Advocacy, lobby & campaigning for women rights.


Women farmers, girls

Women, girls are enthusiastic to defend their basic rights, develop on their own course knowledge to enhance achievement of their basic rights.

Creation of strong women& girls rights advocating group to defend women rights

Training of community leaders to observe women rights and gender equality


Community leaders, religious groups, youth

More gender rights are observed by community leaders and social justice is encouraged.

Communities allow education of girls, bad traditions such as FGM highly reduced, communitystart to address gender issues in a more open way, breaking of social barriers impede women.

Raise women awareness on HIV/AIDS,FGM, Kalazar(Lishemania) reproductive health, environmentprotection.



Women, girls, youth

Are aware of negative impacts of HIV/AIDS on individual & on the nation as a whole.

Ways to prevent spread of diseases well adopted, methods to protect environment

Spread of diseases reduced to minimum ,community adopt ways to prevent disease.

Economic empowerment of women farmers: provision of agricultural inputs ,improved seeds, technical assistance.

Women farmers in rural areas

-Secure permanent income for women


-Farmers productivity increased.



Enhance food security and reduce food security challenges.

Contribute to social and economic stability of vulnerable households.

Empower women to equal access, management and utilization of resources.

support for women farmers representatives


Training of women farmers skills to improve their productivity & secure more income.



Women farmers representative from each community




Womenhouseholds head farmers

Farmers representatives are well prepared to interact and report community of farmers needs and claims and report on work progress made.



More skills are acquired to handle agricultural operations, use of agricultural inputs, observe environment protection measures, storage of crops & marketing.

A link is activated between farmers through their representatives at each location to smoothen work progress.



Product volume increase annually as Farmers develop more productive measures and work skills, gain knowledge for proper use of fertilizers, package, storage & marketing, realize importance to erect green belt to stop desert creeping & protect environment.

Improve girls education, rehabilitation of primary schools, construct new primary schools

Girls/boys at poor primary schools

Increase girls and boys enrolment, reduce schools drop out.

Improvement in primary schools environment, reduce school dropout and illiteracy rates.

Campaigning to eradicate social traditions/taboos which preventwomen participation .

Women and girls in rural villages

Imposed social taboos against women mitigated, meltdown of social barriers.

Women liberate themselves from imposed social traditions and fetters and play more effective role in various aspects of life.

Improve reproductive health in rural areas, training of traditional midwives

Rural women

Accessibility to an improved health services is facilitated.

Maternal mortality rate is reduced, improved reproductive health services.

Extend support to farmers representative to play more effective role.


Enhance political participation of women, strengthen participation of women in forming new constitution

Women Farmers rep.




Women , girls

Establish links between farmers groups representatives and government institutions, stakeholders and make their voices heard.


Women participation in political transformation is enhanced.



Women farmers have their problems, claims, voices heard in parliament and participate through their representatives in decision making process.

Women participation and representation at various level :political parties, parliament, unions is equally secured.


Extend legal support to vulnerable women, raise women awareness on legalrights

Women, girls

Vulnerable women get access to legal services, women are aware of their legal rights.

Laws reform needed.

Legal aid is provided for disadvantaged poor women, legal awareness activities put in place.

Reflection of women status in prisons.

Establishment of statistical/data unit

Different target groups, areas of focus

Required baseline data/information on different working area is available.

Interventions priorities are clearly set based on collected and analysed data.

Organize, celebrate ,participate in local and international events.

Local NGOs, partners, stakeholders, beneficiaries

Strengthen networking Exchange of views, ideas, methods.

Have strong and direct ties and linkage with working NGOs, stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries. Exchange ofviews, ideasand solutions ,experiences and lessons learned.


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