Zenab Profile 2015

Zenab for women development  (ZWD) is a Sudanese  women 's rights organization founded in 2000 to empower women and advocate for their rights. Works in different States including Gadref, Kassala ,Red Sea ,  Khartoum , Darfur especially S. Darfur ,Northern States and Gezira ,has offices in Khartoum and Gadaref , ZWD in Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations since 2005.Zenab named after a pioneer woman educator (Mrs.Zenab Mohamad Nour) who dedicated herself for girls education in Eastern-Sudan since 1941, to empower women through education, She has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize among 1000 Women across the Globe in 2005.

ZENAB Vision

Zenab vision is to have a world where all women enjoy equality and social justice , have equal chances in education and jobs , well aware of their social/economical and political rights and be real partner in peace and development.

ZENAB Mission

Zenab mission is to promote and empower the socio/economic and political status of women in Sudan specially the vulnerable ones through multi-dimensions program that is planned to back women, lobbying and advocate for their rights  , provide logistic and legal aid for  them; conduct women awareness raising programs; training of women leaders, establish direct links with women associations and women rights defenders.



Zenab for Women Development Organization (ZWD)


Registered with the Human Aid Commission-Khartoum Sudan,

Reg No. TN .2072

Legal Status


Khartoum Office :  Khartoum 2, St. 47 ,Blndg.2,first floor, apart.2- Khartoum – Sudan

Gadarif Office : AL-Nasr District - Kasala St. P.o.Box 79

Contact person for the project: Mrs. Fatima Ahmed Phone number: +249912983931

Email address:Fatima This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Mr. Tarig email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mobile:+24991132340

Official address

 www.z-w-d-s.org , www.zenab.org

Website address

Mrs. Fatima Ahmed


Phone: :  f. +249120767830, :+249912983931

E.Mial: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mr.TarigSuleman- Program  Manager

Phone: fix. +249120767830, :+249911323403

Focal Persons



Main Program Areas of the Organization

  • Reduce illiteracy rate among women.
  • Encourage girls education, open more chances & facilitate girls education process  at basic schools level, improve basic schools environment in rural areas to enhance girls & boys education.
  • Alleviate poverty  among rural vulnerable women , support women producers to secure more food & source of income for the marginalized women.
  • Work to improve Reproductive health services, combating HIV/AIDS, fighting harmful social practices such as FGM, violence against women, raise women awareness about reproductive health requirements, child nutrition.
  • Provide legal aid services and logistic support for vulnerable, disabled communities.
  • Raise women awareness on basic Human Rights, democratic concepts.
  • Civic Education on democratic concepts & enhancing women political participation.
  • Enhance women participation in peace building and conflicts resolving, encourage and disseminate culture of peace and recognize cultural and religious diversity.
  • Training of women leaders to upgrade their capacities in gender related issues
  • Foster the values of democracy and peace.


Membership in networks and coordination with other NGOs:

1-Human Rights & legal Aid Network(HRLAN).

2- Sudanese Network for HIV/AIDS

3-Sudanese Network for FGM eradication

4-Sudan CSOs Network for Darfur

5-Sudan CSOs Network Poverty eradication

6- Sudan CSOs for civic education and Election Monitoring TAMAM

7. SIHA Networks.

8- Peace Women Across the Globe



Structure of staff




Paid (P) or Volunteer (V)

Mrs. Fatima M. Ahmed




Mr. Tarig  Suliman

Program Manager



Mrs. Mashaer EL-Tahir

FGM/AIDS/ awareness



Ms.Salwa Tuto

Poverty Reduction &Women economic empowerment program coordinator(female farmers Gedarif Office)



Mr. Salah Idris

Agricultural Facilitator



Mrs. Hanan

Peace building/Human Rights/Democracy program coordinator



Ms. Alyaa Anouman

Legal aid coordinator



Ms. Ebtisam Mohideen

Executive Secretary



Mrs. ASeya Rahama




Mr. Radwan AN-Nogomi




Mr. Ahmed Mustafa

Education Program  Coordinator (Gedarif Office)



Mawada Basheer

Legal aid Secretary



Mr.Omer Wasela

Finance Manager



Ms. Rasha Hamad

G. Admin. Assistant



Mr. Sami Hasan

 Agricultural program consultant (Gedarif Office)



Mohamed EL-Fateh Otaibi

Cooperatives  Consultant



Dr. Fayza Rahama

Health Issues & RH program Consultant



Fakhry Sulieman

Networks Specialist



Abdallah Ali




Batoul Ibrahem

















Zenab target groups:

Zenab main target groups are women, girls , youth plus  community members in general. The Organization conduct many interventions to tackle women and girls situations in different parts of Sudan.

Zenab has a well-equipped HQ. Office in Khartoum and a regional /focal points office with full capacity in Gadarif East Sudan, Zenab has implemented many activities and projects in collaboration with different Partners , Zenab maintains partnership with UNFPA, UNICEF, FAO,UNDP,UNIFEM, MAMACASH, Madre,  Swiss Development Corporation (SDC) , Canadian International Development Agency(CIDA), OFID(OPEC Fund for International Development)  with the African Women Development Fund( AWDF) & collaborated with French, Japan & Finnish  Embassies and with the EU to implement many projects and programs.

Zenab has implemented many interventions/projects , aiming at improving target groups situations in different aspects: improving reproductive health services through increasing midwives skills on standard obstetric care, support women farmers with agricultural inputs, improved seeds and introduce best agricultural practices, provide legal aid services for the vulnerable social groups, raise communities aware on basic human rights, women rights, child rights and protection of vulnerable social groups, fight practice of  FGM (Female Genitial Mutiliation) in all parts of Sudan, construct new primary schools and rehabilitate existing ones, enhance the knowledge of women, girls & youth to prevent spread of HIV/AIDS.


Zenab has also worked to enhance women  knowledge on new constitution and train women leaders on peace building and conflicts resolution.

Zenab participates  in local and international conferences/meetings/forums relate to gender problems solutions and promotion of gender equality.

Zenab has recently completed the following projects/programs:

-          Improve the lives of women prisoners and improve conditions of women prisons in three States in Eastern Sudan.

-          Empowerment of rural women farmers in rain-fed agricultural sector in Eastern Sudan in collaboration with the EU.

-          Implement  social re-integration project for  female ex-combatants in collaboration with UNDP/DDR/SDDRC.

-          Train 60 rural midwives in 3 States of Eastern Sudan(Gedarif-kasala & Red See)on standard obstetric care to reduce child and mother mortality rate… with Finnish Embassy in Cairo.

-          Construct Zain primary school for girls in GalAnnahal – Gadarif rural… donated by Zain Co.

-          Provide Legal Aid Service, facilitate access to justice , establish legal aid center in Gadarif City in cooperation with UNDP- Rule of Law – Kassala, raise community aware on legal aid, reduce legal illiteracy , represent the poor social groups in courts.


Previously :

-          Conduct sessions/workshops on basic human rights and laws that  hinder gender equality and injustice, in collaboration with NED(National Endowment for Democracy).

-          Support women farmers with improved seeds and agricultural inputs to fight poverty among women farmers and reduce food security challenges in partnership with Mama Cash and Madre.

-          Conduct program to raise community aware on AIDS in partnership with UNFPA.

-          Zenab has concluded a project in South Darfur which compose of two components: train 15 villages midwives and support 200 women farmers and raise their awareness on HIV/AIDS, enhance their knowledge on new agricultural techniques, the project was funded by :SDC,UNFPA,FAO & Zenab.



Previous implemented projects/Activities by Zenab :


-Project in collaboration with United Nation Population Fund UNFPA , Nov/2006 campaing to end violence against women , ZWD at the steering committee organized the campaing with other women NGOs in Khartoum State.

-Project in collaboration with United Nation Fund for Women UNIFEM , campaing to end the violence against women in Gadarif State for three days Nov/2007.


E)ZWD activities in line with Millenium Development Goals:


The organization contributed to the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs)in different parts of Sudan,major actions undertaken are as follows:


Goal 1 : Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

 a)Targets marginalized social groups in displaced camps

Actions :

Children & women are fed =50 families ( 300 people) in S. Darfur , displaced camps .

b)Target: alleviate poverty in rural areas Gadarif State .

Actions:secure food for 200 poor women farmers and their families = 1500 people,ZWD managed to distribute improved seeds and hand tools to women farmers for the last three years to assist them increase their production, because of the drought & other climate change effect which affect the precipitation ,and this led to low production and it increase the prices of the main food .

-organized the women farmers by establishing the Farmers Women Union , to serve at least =1500 women farmers. 

ZWD became as a grantee to take some loans to help those women in their Agriculure operations , women benefitted from the loan and they had paid back in kind , like from their yeild around =100


Training of women farmers on nutrition, maternity  and other health issues


Goal 2 : Achieve Universal Primary Education.

      Target: Helping poor kids to have primary education, to improve the education environment in some of primary schools at poor communities ,to help disable children to get primary education.


-Each year ZWD sponsor girls & boyes from poor families to enter primary schools by paying for their fees to register for schools=10, 7 girls , 3 boyes.,plus advocates for many to have waver from fees.

- Calss rooms renovated =10

-Distribution of education materials for different primary schools at different localities in Gadarif State=300 boxes

-Distribution of uniform,book bags ,books =500 students .

-Distiribution of meals to poor students at the schools with high drop out rate = 200 students.

-supplying schools with Water pots & water tanks=50

-supply schools with movable tanks and donkeys to pull the tanks to bring the water from near by wells to the schools=3 ( donkeys plus 3 movable tanks)

-building latrines ( path rooms) at different schools = 25

-gates installments in different schools =4.

-distribution of wheel chairs  for disable students =10, educational tool for blind kids=12 and also for deaf kids=10


Goal 3:

Gender Equality


 promoting social awareness on gender equality .


-ZWD programs concentrate on girls and women as main target group.

-Conducted education programs about gender issue in different villages and localities =10.

-Organized syposiums as mean of awareness raising about gender equality attended by the local officials, Representatives of different community leaders , Religous leaders.=2 symposiums.

-training courses and capacity building programs for women leaders for issues of gender main streaming ,human wrights,organization management, conflicts resolution , peace building were held in different parts,=300 women benefited from these programs

-work shops on the role of women in election process , women political particpiation=4

women  benefited=100

-Trianing women from different districts for HIV/AIDS prevention =30.

-To address the issue of violence against women , ZWD organized a national campaign to raise the awareness about  violence against women,this program started at Gadarif and continue for other parts .

-ZWD conducted adult education programs mainly for women =200

ZWD support over aged girls who drop out school in order to continue education=50

-ZWD help to organize the Women Farmers Union which it leads to empowering the farmers women serve =1500.

-To advance the gender equality ZWD has new intitiative to establish Women Leadership & Environment Center at the land donated to ZWD ,this land is awarded to Zenab ,the pioneer educator who is the organization after her name for her acheivements in her community ,the land is near Gadarif State University ,planning to link the center to the University . 


Goal 4 & 5

Children Health & maternal health


Target:To band the bad tradition called Femal Genital Mutiliation FGM  ,its effect on maternal health,the  highest maternal mortility rate in the World is in Sudan and one reason is FGM, also FGM cause Festula , to raise awareness about children health,help pregnant women.


-FGM Awareness raising work shops & seminars been organized through out the State of Gadarif including different villages & cities = 30

this practes affect the health of girls kids in general especially their reproductive health.

also these workshop gave information to the mothers about children health ,

-training medwives and raise their awarenss to stop FGM and hold them accountable .

-ZWD organized medical weeks in its office in Gadarif City and at the Dispalced camps around Khartoum =4

many kids been examined =500 kids, free medicine & vitamin distributed, for sick and needy kids.

-pregnant women been examined =200, medicine , vitamin , iron been distributed.

- Hygeen kits been distributed in some schools and education classes given to raise the awareness of kids about diseases like malaria , Direah , HIV/AIDS, teeth cleaning and others, student benefitted=250


Goal 6 , HIV/AIDS

Target :To raise the awareness about HIV/AIDS , how is transmitted and how to prevented.

Action :

-ZWD concentrates on Prevention through awareness raising programs because of its limitted resources ,

- ZWD organized symposiums on the occasion of the World AIDS Day as an opportunity for people at different level to unite in the fight against HIV/ AIDS,videos and other mean of extension been used , 2 of those activities at Youth clubs and one at medwives school=4

-Training course about means of prevention of AIDS was conducted at Elgadaref state for women from different districts for 3  days ,those women became trainers of trainers and they works in their district to organize education class with the help of ZWD in terms of renting space and chairs and others expenses , women trained =30,

 the training course were formulated by Representatives from Sudan National AIDS Program SNAP for AIDS prevention and also from  Health Education Department at ministrey of Health .

-Poster , brochure about HIV/AIDS and means of preventions been distributed to different schools around Gadarif and Khartoum State (displaced camps)=30.

-ZWD organized a workshop as partnership with an other local NGOs to raise the awareness of the sweepers at the hospitals at Gadarif City about the way to protect them self from HIV/AIDS , Hapetitus and to correct the way they use to collect the garbage at the hospitals.

-ZWD organized many education classes at different villages

 and localities at Gadarif State about HIV/AIDS prevention=18

-Training of Medwives to ensure using clean tools.


Goal 7:

Ensure Environmental Sustianability

Target:Halve the proportion of students without sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitations .

Action :

-Drinking water system established in different schools at rural area and different district at Gadarif City=50          

-Schools sanitary services established= 25

-Environmental education programs , planting trees at different areas to prevent disertifications , ZWD representivies advocate at different level about climate change and its effect on the poor communities.


F)Activities in support of Global Principles


-ZWD celebrate World AIDS Day on Dec.10 each year by organizing symposiums on the occasion as an opportunity for people at different level to unite in the fight against HIV/ AIDS,videos and other mean of extension been used = 2 of those activities at Youth clubs,1 at midwives schools,=1

1 at Faculty fo education , University of Gadarif and others.


-ZWD celebrateS the Internationa Women Day ,organizing different activities for many years ,the celebration on  March /8/2007, ZWD honored the women pioneers in differentfields, those women for the first time to be recognized as women leaders who make big difference in the life of million of girls and women.,

March/8/ 2008 ZWD in co-operation  with local NGO at Dar Alslaam dispalced camps , West Umdurman , Khartoum State, organized big celebration at the International Women Day,it was open day consisted of a health programs,which include free laboratey tests, distribution of free medicine for  the needy sick people also classes on awareness raising about HIV/ AIDS and FGM .

-Big party were the local singers invlove and some of the -ZWD watch Poverty eradication day , Oct 18 from each year , also Earth Day.


G)To fulfil the concept of partnership, ZWD established

-local network of 10 NGOs in Gadarif State and 10 NGOs in Khartoum State.

ZWD is a member of different active network such as Sudan AIDS Network(SAN) ,FGM eradication network, Poverty Reduction Network (PRN)and others also .

- ZWD staff appointed as a Secretary for the Forum of

(Together for Darfur), Sponsored by Alkatem Adlan Centre

- ZWD also made some partnership at Global level with some

of the International NGOs.


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